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Hi there my name is Dustin Or you may know me as dgibbs3196 and this is my web site.

Did you know that I manage serval Minecraft servers if you would like to know more just click the button below.

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Hi I'm dgibbs3196. This pic is what most of you know me by but I'm on all of these as well!!

Above Is my Steam, Xbox, PSX "3-4" Gamer Card this will Show achievements, the last game I have played...

My Steam Profile: SteamDB <--Click here

  • Value: $3752 ($952 with sales)
  • Games owned: 359
  • Games played: 197 *(54%)*    
  • Hours on record: 1,420.2h
Last updated on 3/01/24 at 12:18AM

Just Saying about my Xbox gamer score It got wiped to 0 a fue years a go they told me that I hacked to get all my games to 100% but no for about 95% of my games I was offline for a lot of the time and this was back when the box 360 was out and you did not need the internet to play a game so I was offline for 2 years and completed a lot of my collection and then I got the internet updated my 360 and it synced the achievements and the next day they was gone I was wiped to 0...

This is my Real live game Collection You will be able to see what game I have in my library.

<--- Click on the Control to see it

This is my Computer Specs Link if you would like see my computers i have at my home just Click the Computer...

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Hi there. This is my wishlist. If you need some help getting me something or want ideas of stuff I like, just click either the pic or the links that I have posted here!!!

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COMING SOON Does not work!!!

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